Thursday, 25 September 2008

hostess with the mostess

OK, so here goes, I am writing a blog... I've got to say I have mixed feelings about this venture, but it has been playing on my mind for sometime now, so I think I should just go for it. I am not sure what I wll write about, I guess these will become the chronicles of my mediocre life! I will endeavour to write in english, though I predict I will veer in to my mother tongue of swedish at times.

Today feels like Friday. I have just greeted my german friend Kathi at Sloane Square tube station in Chelsea, London. She has come from Berlin to stay with me for the weekend, even though the only hospitality I can offer her is merely the floor of my box sized room in the south London flatshare I call home. She is being very understanding of my humble abode, as I have yet to properly move all my stuff over from my last flat, I task I have managed to avoid for nearly a month now! It's always nice having friends to stay, but I must admit I am a bit apprehensive of playing the host for the entire weekend. So tonight it begins with dinner at Wagamamas in central london, and a couple of drinks to follow. I suspect a fair amount of drinking will ensue over the course of the weekend. Kathi was one of my great single london friends, we enjoyed many a great drunken nights stumbling along tottenham court road on our way home from frog at the mean fiddler, until she moved back to Germany. Let's hope for a repeat drunken adventure this weekend!

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