Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Radio silence

I'm on holiday in Sweden for a couple of weeks, hence the radio silence here at Smells like London. I've just arrived in Stockholm after spending 5 days in my home town Umeå. I've had an amazing time so far, lots of time spent with friends, talking about all the important things in life. Lots of walks through my beautiful home town. And of course, lots of "fika".

The beautiful river in my home town, Umeälven...

and the view of the town centre across the river.

My longest standing friend, Maria.

Breakfast at Madde's house.


Maria and my brother Petrus.

"Fika" at NK...

and at Mekka!


Maria said...

Vi saknar dig redan!

Maria said...

Hallå hallå bloggen, sover du?

Nadja said...

Den tog en lite tupplur bara!