Friday, 21 December 2012

We are alive

I am ashamed to see that it has been nearly a month since I've posted. December has disappeared in a flash, as usual. I was in denial about the approach of Christmas for the first half. I don't know why but I couldn't get in to the spirit. We flew to Sweden on the 18th of and I did nearly all my shopping in a panic on the 17th. Thank god Una is so patient she didn't mind to much when I dragged her around shops from 10 in the morning until 6 pm. In the evening we had a little Christmas celebration in the flat and gave Una her gifts. Me and James gave each other gifts as well, I got a body lotion and perfume by Chloe and a bag and some leather gloves from Cos. The taxi picked Una and I up at 6 am the following day and we arrived at my mums at 4.30 pm.

It's beautifully snowy here, and not too cold. I got Una a snow suit and a little pulka (a plastic sled for kids) and yesterday we went out for a walk in the snow. Una loved riding in the pulka, everytime I turned around she looked very pleased, chatting away.

I am enjoying spending time with my mum and relaxing, yesterday I had two naps! With Una of course. One of the perks of being on holiday is that I get to share a bed with Una. I am even enjoying the snow. Today the plan is to take a long walk. That's about it. We don't do very much here. The joy.