Sunday, 23 October 2011

Under construction

We having begun the immense job of turning our flat in to a home. So far we have managed to inadvertently paint the living room pink. We were planning on painting it a putty colour and chose a shade from the colour cards in Homebase. As it turns out those colour cards are not very accurate! We came home with 5 liters of pale pink. After the initial shock I've decided that it looks great. And I'm really pleased that we will have a more interesting colour scheme than putty. Just another word for beige....

We've also sanded the window frames and painted them with white gloss paint. The skirting boards also got a makeover. Now all we need to do is paint the doors as they have a distinct tobacco-yellow hue. The hallway is next in line, wonder what pastel we will accidentally pick out this time?

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