Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day trip

Obligatory pram and takeaway coffee pic!

Yesterday we went on our first family outing! Just a short walk through the nearby park to a little cafe, then back again. We were probably gone all of 20 minutes, but still, big step! I am feeling better and better everyday, I am actually surprised how well I feel after only six days of recovery.

Today we trekked all the way to south east London as James was supposed to have his wisdom teeth out at a dental hospital there. After an hour and half journey by bus and train it turns out he'd got the date wrong! We will need to make the trip again tomorrow... No point crying over spilt milk, we made a day of it and had lunch in Wagamama. Una was very well behaved during her first meal out. Feeding in public was a bit awkward only because my breasts were so full she was finding it difficult to latch on. I am sure a few people got an eyeful with their prawn gyoza but I honestly didn't care. Better a flash of boob then a screaming baby, right? She slept all the way there and all the way home, good as gold as ususal. Still waiting for the backlash.....

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