Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Coldy baby


Una has cold and is constanly coughing and sniffling with a runny nose. We had to skip playgroup yesterday and Rookie Rockers today so she doesn't pass it on to the other babies and has a chance to rest. She woke up at 6.50 this morning but once we were up and she was having her morning bottle on the couch she fell back asleep for another 2 and half hours. Poor thing must be feeling ropey. I was really looking forward to playgroup, but there is always next week. I'd really like to find some more activities for Una, I am getting a bit bored sitting around the house. When we are at home it's too hard to relax, I just see things that need to doing and end up doing housework instead of spending the time with Una.

The sun is shining outside and we have just had our breakfast after Una's long nap. I am going to give her a bath and get myself ready before taking her out. We'll go to the swings for a bit on our way to High Street Kensington, where I have a jacket on hold in Baby Gap. Yes, that's right. I have finally found a jacket for Una! I also need to give the flat a good clean and do some cooking for Una. My photos arrived yesterday as well, so no excuses not to start her photo album as well. She has been very unsettled in the evenings recently, which makes it hard to get anything done. Last night I ended up just picking her up and taking her in to the front room so she could sleep in my arms. I think it's the cold that is bothering her, hopefully it will pass in a few days.

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