Friday, 17 August 2012

6 months today!

Una at the hospital, only a day old
Today it is six months since my world changed forever. Six months since Una came in to my life and I became a mother. Six months that have flown by far, far too quickly. Sometimes I wish I could slow down the seconds, minutes, days that pass.

She already has two little teeth in her lower jaw and has started eating solids. So far she really only likes banana. She isn't a very big eater, but I am not worried. I have pretty much let go of all my pre-conceptions of what she is supposed to do and when. She still has a bottle at 11.30 and another around 4 in the morning, but I don't mind in the slightest. I am sure she will sleep through the night when she is ready, just as she will eat as much as she needs. She sleeps all night and all of her naps in her cot (except when she sleeps in the push chair when we are out and about). She is pretty good at sitting up, she just needs a little support so she doesn't topple over. She flips easily from her back to front and back again. She makes lots of noises and sometimes gets upset she when someone she doesn't know very well wants to hold her, she cries and wants to come to me or James. She adores her dad and her eyes follow him around the room. I think her favourite thing in the world is when he plays music and dances with her.

My little Una, she's growing up too fast.
Una six months old


Londonswede - Sara said...

Åh låter helt underbart. Jag gillar att läsa om Una eftersom hon är ett par månader före och jag gillar att se vad vi har att se fram emot. Men precis som du säger så har jag heller aldrig tänkt att nu borde han göra si och så.
Låter som att hon mår alldeles prima. Grattis Una!

Nadja said...

Ja du far en liten sneak preview med andra ord ;) Jag lovar att det bara blir battre och battre att vara mamma! Forresten sa har jag forsokt kommentera pa din blogg ett antal ganger de senaste veckorna/manaderna men inte lyckats! Misstanker dock att det ar min gamla wordpress anvandare som strular eller nagot. Iaf sa ser nu ut att ha ahft det supermysigt i sverige!