Monday, 20 August 2012

Slowly but surely...

The passport is safely on it's way to me now, I've booked my onwards flight in Sweden and am pretty much packed. Panic makes you efficient it would seem. I hope everythig goes well tomorrow, I am a bit nervous about travelling on my own with Una. At least now that I am getting everything sorted I can finally start to feel excited! I have waited so long to go to Sweden, last time I was there was in October I think. Nearly a year ago. My brothers have never even met Una and she is already six months old. I have decided that going forward I must make more of an effort to travel to Sweden more often, so that Una can have regular contact with her Swedish family. It is a bit more challenging, logistically, going to Sweden in comparison to going to Ireland, but that's no excuse. If I plan ahead and book cheap flights it should be doable anyway.

Fingers crossed that everything goes well tomorrow, we have a long day ahead of us. We'll need to leave here around nine in the morning and will arrive at my friend's, where we are staying for the night, after ten in the evening. Over 12 hours of travel, including a four hour wait at Arlanda in Stockholm, is a lot for a little baby to handle. Then on Wednesday we will continue our journey to my mums house, another couple of hours travel with a few changes. Once we arrive there, though, we can relax and get settled in for a weeks stay.  Now I am going to chill and wait for James to get home before going to bed, hopefully my nerves won't hinder me from sleeping, I need a good nights sleep after Una wanted to get up at 5.30 this morning!

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Londonswede - Sara said...

Usch lät stressigt med sista minuten passet. Skönt att det löste sig. Hoppas att det gick bra att flyga. Själva flyget i sig tar ju inte så lång tid till Sverige det är ju resandet på båda sidor som tar längst tid.
Ha en underbar vecka i Sverige.