Friday, 7 November 2008


Today my dear boyfriend had some not so good news from his doctors. He has a history of illness and today received test results which, although they are not acute, are still very bad news. Something I knew was coming at one point or another but was hoping would be later rather than sooner. Something which is inevitable for someone with his history. I am hoping it won't get serious, but it certainly spells the beginning of a period of tests and changes in medications to try and stop his health declining. He was also told he has very high cholesterol, so we must now make a real effort to impove his diet, making it low fat, low salt etc. We all know we love a good fry up on a weekend morning, but I am more than happy to give those up if it means my hubby will be happy and healthy!!

All this has just made me feel like a spoilt, silly girl. The last few days I have had my own crisis over stupid girls drama, I have felt very sorry for myself and very hard done by. Getting these news this morning just made me think what an absolute idiot I am to complain over petty things, when I am so lucky to have my health and to have all the joys I have had in my life. Most of all to have found my hubby and for us to have come though everything that has happened and have stayed together. The ironic thing is that he is probably the happiest person I know, never complaining, always making the best of things. I suppose he appreciates life in a way I don't. All I can hope for is that all this will go away and they will fix him. I am so happy to have him, whether I have him for 5 years, for 20 years or for 60 years, I am the luckiest girl in the world.


Madde said...

Ojdå! det där lät inge kul.. usch! vad är felet?

Nadja said...

det ar njurarna som haller pa att paja.