Sunday, 23 November 2008

rise and shine

What is wrong with me, I keep waking up really early on the weekends. I have been awake since 8.30 and have finally accepted my fate and got up. Now everyone else is sleeping, including our lodger on the couch, which means I can't even put the telly on. So I am banished to the computer in the bedroom, trying to type quietly (impossible if you ask me).

Yesterday was a real treat. We started off with a christmas fair in Barnes where we met up with my sister and her male companion (no other term can describe their relationship). The fair was, shall we say small but perfectly formed. It offered us varmkorv - swedish hot dogs, glogg - swedish mulled wine and pepparkakor - swedish gingerbiscuits, so all in all I was happy. They also had a variety of swedish grocery items available but I'll go and get all of that from scandi kitchen in soho another weekend to get supplies for my christmas party in a few weeks.

On the way home we stopped in the pub the North Pole, him a pint of guinness, me a cup of tea.
And then home to dinner with friends, cooked by our flatmate, a lovely mushroom risotto. We decided last minute to join them bowling at all star lanes in bayswater and it was great fun, although I was absolutely rubbish.

bowling (not with our feet obviously)

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