Tuesday, 4 November 2008

vilken soppa

Butternut sqaush soup it was, accompanied by a french stick I picked up from partridges on the way home, and lots of tasty feta cheese. Then had a nice long bath with muscle soak for my achy back after all the box carrying and packing today at work (November means delivery time in the world of wholesale, not so glamorous). Now I have put some washing on, tidied up our room, had a cup of tea with lemon meringue pie and attempted to hoover the kitchen, but apparantly the hoover smelled too bad (!) In ten minutes the footy finishes and my boyfriend will return to planet earth.

Tomorrow night is Guy Fawkes, thinking of joining my sister and old flatmate (technically still my flatmate, but do I really live there??) at the clapham common bonfire. I am a sucker for the fireworks displays.

Good night people.

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