Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bit of a moan...

11 days to go... So close, but yet so far away! Did I tell you I'm bored?
I have been so lucky my whole pregnancy, apart from the morning sickness in the beginning, I've felt great and had lots of energy. I didn't get why everyone said the third trimester is difficult, I felt absolutely fine! Until now...
The last couple of weeks I just can not get comfortable. On the couch, in bed, on a chair, it's all uncomfortable! I wake up at least once an hour each night with back ache, leg ache, you name it! Change position. Prop my bump up with a cushion, put a cushion behind my back. Half an hour later, same thing again! I am so lucky not to be working as I am exhausted all day from a terrible nights sleep. Everything is difficult, getting on to the couch, and off again. Getting in to bed, and out again. Putting on socks. Putting on trousers.
I went swimming yesterday, doing slow relaxing lengths, the pressure taken off my body, it was lovely. But afterwards! My whole body felt like it was made out of led! I could barely fit in to shower cubicle (the doors opened inwards!), the towel didn't fully wrap around my body (slight underestimation from my side), and getting dressed was a nightmare. When I finally got home I plonked myself on the couch and didn't move again (other than to change positions, arrrgh!) until bed time.
I think that's enough of a moan for now, pretty sure you get where I am coming from. Can't wait for that little counter to say "0 days left", even though I know I'll probably have to wait another age after that!

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