Sunday, 29 January 2012

blog shite

I need to sort this blog out. I need to make a nice header. I need to figure out how to put photos up in a better way, I am currently always putting them on straight from my phone, which is why the resolution is always crap. Unfortunately I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to these things! Maybe my clever sister can help me (hint, hint).
I am really enjoying blogging again, probably because I'm not putting any pressure on myself. I don't post everyday and I don't think too much when I do post. That's what has put me off in the past, really thinking through each post, what am trying to say, how is this coming across etc. It's completely pointless, especially since this blog is pretty much just for me, it's not like I have (or aim to have) lots of readers! But I enjoy writing and and it's always fun looking back through old posts, remembering things that I would have otherwise forgotten.


sabulous said...

Kan du inte bara ladda over dom pa dattan fran mobben och sen lagga upp dom pa bloggen? Vet visserligen inte om det hjalper dalig resolution, det kanske har med kameran att gora... Kop en riktig kamera? :)

Nadja said...

Jo det borde jag ju egentligen, men problemet ar att jag ar alldeles for lat! Da kommer jag helt enkelt blogga mycket mindre. Det ar for att jag kor bilderna i instagram som de blir dalig resolution, men kanske skulle bli battre om jag la upp dom via datorn. Men som sagt, da skulle jag nog bara skita i't! :)