Thursday, 19 January 2012

Must. Get. Showered.

I've reached that point now where I am just extremely BORED!! I've not worked in so long and I've pretty much got everything ready for the baby's arrival. I've even washed all the baby clothes and bedding AND made up the moses basket and carrycot. It was fun, kind of like playing with dolls. You know when you were little and you'd make a little bed for the doll with blankets in a little basket. But with an actual moses basket. Where an actual baby will sleep. Very bizarre.

All that is left to do is wait. And wait. I wake up in the morning and try and think of a reason to have a shower. There isn't one. Basically I am becoming very, very lazy. Yesterday I dragged myself out of the house and had lunch with my friend Heather. Today I may or may not leave the house, only time will tell. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my sister Sabina, a very good reason to get out of bed.

In other news, I can now comfortable rest my cup of tea on my bump. It just sits there, resting between my boobs, freeing up my hands to type. Very handy.

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