Saturday, 5 May 2012

We are family

Una is fast asleep in her cot (!) and I am in bed. James is in Durham for the weekend, so it's just my and kiddo. My friend Heather came over for lunch today and stayed all afternoon, we just hung out and chilled, so nice. Love these two chicks.

Yesterday was a big day, I took Una on a trip across London to visit Heather in Stoke Newington. She is moving back to Australia in less than two months so I am really trying to make the most of the time we have left together in London. It was a fun day, but a pretty long one for Una and she was quite unsettled last night, probably overstimulated from all the excitement. She ended up sleeping on her side next to me, as close as she could get, with her little hands on my chest and her feet touching my belly. She would wake up once an hour and cry, quickly settling once I pulled her closer and she had a few seconds on the breast. I hate seeing her upset but it was lovely sleeping so closely and feeling her little body in my arms all night.
Tonight we are making a new attempt with the cot we got a few days ago. She had a short nap in it today and is sleeping in it right now, we shall see how we get on the rest of the night.

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