Thursday, 24 May 2012

Who you callin' chicken?

Another boiling day today, I've barely been able to leave house in this heat. All I managed was a quick trip to high street ken to buy some shorts. I tried on a few pairs of super short shorts and was tempted, but then I thought better of it and bought some sensible city shorts instead. I got back to a very tired and hot baby. She definitely is more Irish than African, she is not a fan of the heat!

I cooked a roast chicken for the very first time this evening! Apart from thinking it had its head up it's bum (clearly anatomy is not my strong point) it all went very well and the chicken turned out moist and delicious.

I made potato salad for James and courgette salad for me. A great low carb substitute!

It's still so hot I am drinking my wine with ice. I couldn't resist popping an ice cube in my mouth like old times, I ate ice like mad when I was pregnant. It wasn't as nice as I remembered!


sabulous said...

Head up its bum?? Hahahaha

Nadja said...

I know, I got very confused there for a while....