Sunday, 15 July 2012

Birthday bash!

Yesterday was my birthday and I made sure to celebrate as much as possible. In fact the celebrations aren't completely over, I've still not had a birthday cake so James is baking me one today.
I started my celebrations on Friday night, I met up with Ema and Anna in El Camions Soho branch. Yes, I LOVE mexican food! Unfortunately the food was not nearly as good as the Portobello Road branch, but it was still nice. We started off with some margaritas and daiquiris before digging in to tortilla chips with queso, salsa and guacamole. Then main courses, I had the picdillo beef burrito.

We then moved on to the Experimental Cocktail Club, a "speakeasy" bar in chinatown. I had read some terrible reviews online, apparently they turn lots of people away at the door, even when the bar is half empty, and the drinks are ludicriously expensive. Nevertheless we decided to try it out. Thankfully we were let straight in and even managed to get a couple of seats. We all opted for the same cocktail, a rum based number with ginger syrup, topped up with champagne. It was very nice, though not quite sure it was worth £13 (£11.50 for the cocktail, plus a 12.5% service charged, even though you order at the bar!).

When we had finished our drinks it was still early so we decided to go somewhere else to continue the night. After a good 20 minutes of traipsing around in the rain looking for anywhere decent to go we ended up in the O Bar. It was so busy on the ground floor that we headed straight down to the dance bar where it was still pretty quiet. The place was beyond cheesy, with quilted white leather sofas and mirror mosaic on the walls. The only way to describe the crowd is to say it suited the venue to a T. Thankfully all the cheese in the world is not enough to put us off, instead we decided to out-cheese the place with some wacky dancing. The dance floor soon filled up with youngsters, some of which I am sure where appalled at our ironic moves and looked at us as you might an embarrassing dad doing the macarena at a wedding. At one point there was a dance off between Ema and some random guy (which I may or may not have initiated). He had some surprisingly good moves, but Ema trumped them all when she did splits!

By 1 am my feet were killing me and we decided to call it a night. It was hellish trying to get a cab and on the way back I had to stop to get some formula for Una, as James had texted me saying we were nearly out (obviously I would not be breastfeeding as I had been drinking). It was quite funny jumping out of a cab in a pair of heels and dashing in to a late night off licence, like I had so many times before, but this time it was not to buy booze and fags like all the other drunkards, but instead to pick up some baby formula!

All in all it was a great night. Since I don't get out very often these days friends, drinks and dancing make me a very happy girl!
Ema enjoying a daquiri in El Camion


Londonswede - Sara said...

Grattis i efterskott. Låter som att du hade en kanon kväll.

Nadja said...

Tack Sara! Det var verkligen en kul kvall.