Saturday, 28 July 2012

The last days of summer

James has gone away to Womad festival for the weekend, so it's just me an Una. He was busy getting everything sorted yesterday so I never got a chance to go to the gym, I ended up doing 20 minutes in the garden with dumbells. I had intended to do 45 minutes, but Una was really needing my attention by that stage. I need to get in to a good routine as I am not planning on continuing my gym membership for various reasons. I'll have to sit down and come up with a plan going forward,  I don't want to lose momentum.

Today is the last sunny day for a while, the weather forecast says we will have rain now for the next week or so. So I guess these last few days were summer then? Rubbish. Today we are heading out for a walk to Westfield, I need to get a few things for Una and try on some trainers for myself.
In the meantime I give you some photos from the garden.
P1110748 (2)
P1110775 (2)
P1110772 (2)
P1110813 (2)


Maria said...

Sjömansdräkten! :) vilken fin kjol nu blir jag avis. Kolla in blankens blogg. Hon skrev ett bra inlägg om träning som jag tyckte kändes peppande. Om det regnar i helgen ger jag mitt gamla tips igen. Youtuba 30 min full body workout. :)

Nadja said...

Ja ANTLIGEN passar den! Sjomansdrakten alltsa....
Kollade just in Blanken, pepp! Dock ar jag lite orolig att mina magmuskler fortfarande ar delade eller nat, for det ar ett jakla put langt ner pa magen (syns pa bilden da jag haller upp Una). Eller sa are bara mer planka som galler, ha ha! Ska dock ga till lakaren pa mandag och kolla upp, kan ju bli varre nar man gor en massa situps som jag gjort...