Monday, 27 October 2008

another one bites the dust

Weekends are always over far too quickly. This one has been a good one. Friday night was quiet, we went for a not so tasty meal in an italian place on Portobello Road (£40 down the drain). On saturday I went for a facial which was just the most enjoyable experience. I had a free one that I could claim from the beauty salon at the company I work for, it's normally £65. I was considering swapping it for a massage but I am so glad I didn't! Not only did she cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extract, peel (with glycolic acid) and moisturise my face. She also gave me a shoulder, head and neck massage and while the glycolic acid was working on my skin she gave a me foot scrub and massage. The whole hour was just one pleasurable exprience after the other. I can see why the poshies get this done once a month... However I don't have £65 to spare on a monthly basis!

Saturday night was my friends 31st birthday in Paradise bar in kensal green. The bar was far too busy and there were so many of us that it just wasn't working, so we headed back to the flat. Needless to say the party continued in to the early hours. We got up Saturday afternoon to find the flat we had spent all day cleaning looking, well, no longer clean! Boyfriend cooked us a fry up (the best hangover cure) before we had to go to our next birthday party, that of my boyfriends niece turning 3. We spent a few frustrated minutes trying to wrap the Fifi playground set (she is obsessed with Fifi and the flowertots) before setting off. The walk which would normally take around 20min took more like 45 as I felt like I would die or puke or something. Once we got there I was quickly offered a beer which sorted me out in no time. The next couple of hours were spent with the birthday girl on my lap playing with her new fifi playground set (we had obviously bought the best pressie as she wouldn't let any of the other children near it!). She is so lovely and it was just so nice to have a little one on my lap to kiss and cuddle, really made me miss my years spent as nanny. She is also a funny little thing. Her uncle had got her a card and put a ten pound note in as a present and when she opened the card and the note fell out she exclaimed
-Mummy I found a tenner! Streetwise beyond her years..

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Madde said...

Hoho! lät som en trevlig helg det där.. ansiktsbehandlingen lät ju kanske inte helt fel..

Japp Mamma Madde det är jag det =) men det är så himla mysigt att ha hund och hon är ju för söt hehe