Friday, 3 October 2008

Happy Friday!

The weekend has arrived at last, hurrah! I really need to try and be productive today at work, as I have managed a minimal amount of productivity since my boss went away. Luckily she is on a buying trip to Paris on Monday, so I will have one more day to get done what I should have done since Tuesday! What can I say, I like to live on the edge with these things. Last night was good fun, eat-till-you-feel-sick-at-wagamama style, with Kathi and Anna. And on the bus journey home, which took around 45 min, we had a very interesting indepth conversation about smear tests and cervical cancer, which led in to breast cancer and std:s. I think we all managed to scare each other enough that we will all be booking GP appointments for tests! Better safe than sorry.


E said...

Ser att du är svenska så jag skriver på vårt modersmål och hoppas de okej. Hittade just din blogg. Imponerande att du skriver på engelska. Kul att läsa och du , snygg väska!=)

Nadja said...

Min forsta kommentar, tack sa mycket! Helt okej att skriva pa svenska, sjalv kor jag med bada spraken!