Thursday, 30 October 2008

fashion disaster

I have to tell you about the fashion show I went to a couple of nights ago... I had been invited by an acquantiance in the industry (your typical fashionista gay guy, fabulous darling!). The catwalk show was to launch the sping summer 09 collections by two british based brands of swim/resortwear. They would both retail between £150-£300. When we arrived to the venue everything seemed completely fine and dandy. We had a couple of glasses of champagne and mingled, as you do. There wasn't anyone of particular interest there but the venue and set up looked nice enough. As we sat down for the catwalk show my boyfriend tried to contain his excitement at being at his first swimwear fashionshow, half naked women would soon walk down the catwalk, inches away from of our front row seats. The music started playing, building up to the moment when the first beautiful model would emerge from behind the white screens. And then.....

oh dear god. The most hideous models wearing the most hideous and unflattering swimwear appeared. The audience just sat there in absolut shock, their faces saying "this is what you dragged me here, in the pissing rain may I add, to see??" I don't know how to describe the models without sounding like a total bitch, but my boyfriends comment "I wouldn't sleep with any of them, and I'm a male whore!" was pretty telling. It wasn't so much there physique, which varied from anorectic 13 year old to cellulite-land, as the complete lack of charisma, confidence and effort (one had a big bruise on her leg, another was wearing big visible pants under her swimsuit, and several could have done with a leg wax). Also, the swimwear was so unflattering and illfitting that the models didn't even stand a chance.
The show must have been completely detrimental to their brand, the buyer next to me told me she had written an order already, but now wasn't going to confirm it as she was so horrified at how bad the fit was!

Well one thing I did learn from the show was how not to do a fashion show.

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