Wednesday, 22 October 2008

unfit but you know it

It's icy out this morning, I am still finding it hard to type because my fingers are stiff from the cold. I walked to work this morning with my flatmate/workmate. It only took us 45min, which is quicker than usual. I walked home yesterday as well. A good way to save money and get fit! Let's see how long it lasts.... I am considering joining the gym next month. Everyone is telling me how it's ridiculous to spend £80 (at least! I prefer VirginActive..) a month on the gym, there are other ways to get fit. I completely agree with this statement. I could go for a run, play sports, cycle.... the question is will I do any of these things? Ever? I doubt it... Give me swanky changing rooms, complimentary towels, steam rooms, swimming pools, complicated exercise machines and TV screens blaring music videos by Girls Aloud/Pussycat Dolls/Kylie (because the scantily clad superfit singers will make any woman feel inadequate) and trust me, I'll make the effort!

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