Thursday, 30 October 2008

hot like a potato

mmm I have just finished my surprisingly tasty lunch, which consisted of a jacket potato made in the microwave (works very well actually, you don't get the crispy skin, but still tasty and very quick!) filled with tuna and a bit of butter. On the side I had some salad made with tomato, cucumber and sweetcorn and the key ingredient, gronsakskrydda, The swedish salad seasoning which makes everything yummy (and it's NOT cheating in my book...)

Super easy, cheap and healthy and I can prepare it in the miniscule kitchen at work.


Madde said...

OMG! det va det värsta.. men tur man inte ser det då man står i publiken ;)
hehe smaskig lunch, med gronsakskrydda =P

Nadja said...

mmm jag alskar gronsaks krydda, dom borde salja det har london.