Thursday, 23 October 2008

golden girl

I think I need a hip replacement... My hip is so sore! In fact the whole lower part of my body is variably achy after my recent bout of exercise (although it has only consisted of brisk walks!). It's official, I have the fitness level of an 80 year old granny.

Last night was cosy, I had my sister over, cooked some wintery lentil soup (still on my budget!) and just sat and chatted in the kitchen. Couldn't be bothered to continue the mountainous task of unpacking and organising my room. When we had the rental car last weekend we took the opportunity to go to my old flat and pick up all the stuff I had in storage there (basically the entire contents of my old room). I am now struggling to find a home for everything in the new flat, where my room is half the size. Also, the fact that I have had these things in storage since July, and have only thought of or missed a handful of items, makes me think I really don't need to own this many things or clothes! I thought I would be over the moon to have all my clothes and shoes to chose from, but I have ended wearing the contents of my suitcase, as I have for the past few months! The one thing I am pleased to finally have access to is my wintercoat, my summer jacket simly isn't doing the job anymore.

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