Friday, 17 October 2008

warm those bottoms

"I'll be in early tomorrow" those famous final words... of course this morning was a different story. It's so cold and I was so tired that I had no desire to get out of bed at all, would rather have stayed in bed all day with my lovely boyfriend, who incidentally didn't have to go to work today.... Unfortunately duty called, as did nature! I am suffering my second bout of cystitis in a week... I can tell you it is not only painful and uncomfortable but also inconvenient and bloody annoying when you need to pop to the loo every two minutes! Up until this past week I can't remember the last time I had cystitis. Must have been when I was a little girl. But I remember, growing up in sweden, how mums and teachers would warn not to sit on cold seats (at bus stops etc) as you could get a "urin infection". Now I know this is really a pile of crap, cystitis is caused by bacteria, not by getting a cold bottom! Apparantly the best way to avoid it is to wee (or should I say urinate?) frequently and make sure to have a wee straight after having sex. Cranberry juice is also said to help. Bring it on!

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