Saturday, 16 June 2012

Baby memories

It's sunny outside, looks like summer might be on it's way back to us, let's hope so.
I'm having to re-arrange a few things in our very cramped living room to make room for Una, who is like a little whirlwind, she doesn't stay on her playmat very long. She is growing up way too fast! I know, she is only 4 months old, but everything changes so quickly with a baby, she has changed so much since she was born. Sometimes I worry that I am going to forget all the special little baby-things she does. 

Things you may think are pointless but which I never want to forget:
When she is having a bottle she puts her hands over her eyes, so sweet.
When she gets cross she says "ningningningning!!!"
Another favourite sound is "hoooooo-hoo-hoo". She also does the cutest little face when she makes this noise.
When she is trying to go to sleep in bed she turns her head from side to side until she can settle.
She loves standing up, especially on my lap when I hold her wrists to steady her. She really is very strong!
She loves watching the TV (bad I know!) or looking at my phone.
She smiles for the camera, symptomatic of how many pictures I've taken of her!

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