Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Blast from the past

Another gray day, but at least we have a good reason to leave the house today, in fact a great one. We are going to visit a family I used to work for when I was a nanny. The little boy who was six months when I started is now nearly three years old! He also has a new little sister who is 9 months old. I worked for them for over a year so it's really nice to stay in touch and see him grow up. The worst part of nannying is leaving behind children that you have spent a majority of their waking time with for months on end. It's always very sad, so it's extra special when you can stay in touch.

This afternoon I need to get Una weighed at the clinic and tonight my friend Heather is coming over to watch Una so I can go to the gym. Maybe I am imagining it but I feel like I am seeing results from the gym already. My legs and bum feel and look firmer and my tummy is looking better and better. Even if it's all in my mind it's a good thing, as it's making me even more motivated to go to the gym!

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