Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Books for Cooks

There is a small bookshop on a street called Blenheim Crescent, just off Portobello Road. It's a shop full of cook books, aptly named Books for Cooks.
Apart from the extensive range of literature and the friendly and knowledgeable staff, they also offer a delicious and ridiculously cheap lunch. Every day between Tuesday and Saturday they serve up three courses chosen from books that they sell. A perfect way to end Maria's visit, we went there on Thursday before she left for the airport. It's £7 for three courses, we paid £33 for the three of us, which included two glasses of wine and three coffees.
The starter is usually a salad or soup, with home baked bread. This time it was asparagus soup.
The main is some sort of stew or braised meat. We had stuffed lamb belly with polenta.
And for dessert, a choice between three scrumptious cakes. We devoured these so quickly I didn't get the chance to take a photo.
Una attracted lots of attention from little old ladies passing our table. Must have been that cute polkadot dress my aunt sent her the other day. Or maybe just because she's so darn cute.


Londonswede -Sara said...

Wow vilken bra ide. Och billig lunch är ju alltid kanon:)

Nadja said...

Ja och det ar otroligt gott!! Kan verkligen rekomendera ett besok, men man far vara ute i god dit for det ar valdigt populart!