Saturday, 30 June 2012

Me time

Because I spend all my days and nights with Una (and don't get me wrong - I love to!) going to the gym becomes a treat for me. I walk out the door without the pushchair, put my headphones in and listen to music on the way there. As we sit down outside the studio and watch the last 15 minutes of the class before, Aga and I have a good chat and catch up. The hour in the studio goes by so quickly, I am focusing on myself and my mind is clear of all stresses and worries. Afterwards I enjoy the leisurely 30 minute stroll home with a feeling of achievement and calm.

The expression "me time" has been done to death and brings to mind cheesy TV adverts of groups of girls giggling whilst doing girly things, such as drinking cocktails, shopping or having bubble baths, accompanied by some horrendous Girls Aloud tune.

But the expression perfectly describes how I feel about going to the gym, it's "me time".

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