Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Picnic in Holland Park

Summer finally seems to be back on track, today was warm enough for bare legs! Una sported one of her (my) favourite summer outfits, a cute little coral number from H&M which was a gift from my aunt.
We celebrated the nice weather by having Una's first ever picnic in Holland Park. We met up with my friend Ema, got some food and coffees and plonked ourselves down on the grass by the orangery.
It was lovely in all ways apart from when we were repeatedly attacked (I use the word in the loosest possible sense) by hungry ducks from the nearby pond, as well as a peacock! My phone died on me so I don't have any proof, but I promise I will go to Holland Park with the camera one day and show you what a wonderful park it is, birds and all!


Londonswede - Sara said...

Åh vad gulligt. Usch jag tycker det är så svårt med solen. Hur gör du? Använder du solkräm? Här i Sverige säger de att man inte ska smörja de alls första året utan bara ha tunna långarmade och långbenade (??) kläder och ligga i skugga. Men det tar ju i skugga med....

Maria said...

Åh vad mysigt med picknick. Solen lös ju med sin frånvaro hela min vistelse!